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Kodiak bears are the largest of the brown bears.
USFWS Photo by Lisa Hupp

Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge

Kodiak Island is famous for its bears, the Kodiak Brown Bears (Ursus arctos middendorffi). Grizzly Bears, Brown Bears and Kodiak Bears are scientifically the same species (Ursus arctos). But Kodiak Bears are a unique subspecies (Ursus arctos middendorffi) separated by others of the same species, like those at Katmai National Park and Preserve, by being on an island since the last ice age. Because of the prime habitat in which they live, they have become the largest of all subspecies of Ursus arctos. They may not be as easy to observe as the bears at Brooks Falls, but if you do see them, it will be interesting to compare to size of the two subspecies (from a safe distance).

There are also 247 species of birds that visit the island, abundant salmon and much more.


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