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Johns Hopkins Glacier.
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Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve

Glacier Bay National Park is the first location in the Experiencing Life series to which you cannot drive. You can visit via a cruise ship from other parts of Alaska or even from Seattle and other points in the contiguous U.S. You can fly into Juneau and then take another quick flight to the town of Gustavus, which is right near the park's headquarters. Or the state ferry also runs from Juneau to Gustavus. The reasons for this "inconvenience" is that the park is all mountains and ocean... and glaciers. Ignoring the fact that it is difficult to build roads through mountains, rivers of slowly-moving ice would soon cover and destroy any road built. It's just more practical to travel by air or water in this country.

Video: "What's So Special About Glacier Bay?"
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Video: "A Day in Glacier Bay - Tourboat Timelapse"
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Southeastern Alaska [58.5oN, 135.9oW]

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