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Recommended blogs.

  • Crittering - James Beissel, observing critters in their natural habitats, with a focus on Colorado
  • Back Yard Biology - Sue, a retired biology professor who has taken up photography to showcase the wonders of nature in her own backyard.
  • We Love To Explore - Stavros Mitchelides, hailing from Vermont, has figured out how to utilize the public lands of the West in an efficient and respectful way.
  • Defenders Of Wildlife
  • City Wild Life - Animals in urban areas

Recommended web sites.

  • 38N Adventure Fest - Initiative in Kansas to get people to explore the areas around where they live.
  • Monarch Watch - Dedicated to education, conservation and research concerning Monarch Butterflies (Danaus plexippus). The site includes the blog by Chip Taylor.
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  11. Alaska
  12. Hawaii

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