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Sections of pertrified trees are scattered all around the Long Logs Trail.

Petrified Forest National Park

Petrified Forest National Park is known for its Triassic-aged fossils, especially its petrified trees. Less well-known are the reptile and other animal fossils found in the park. The Triassic was the period just before the dinosaurs ruled the earth in the Jurassic and Petrified Forest is the best representative of fossils from this period.

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  1. Greater Yellowstone
  2. Southeast
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  4. Four Corners
    1. Denver Museum of Nature and Science
    2. Comanche National Grassland/
      Dinosaur Track Site
    3. Florissant Fossil Beds
    4. Dinosaur National Monument
    5. House Range
    6. Grand Staircase
    7. Grand Canyon
    8. Petrified Forest
    9. Shiprock
    10. Mesa Verde
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Arizona [35.1oN, 109.8oW]

Petrified Forest Map


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