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The steps of the Grand Staircase stretch from the highest parts of Bryce Canyon (left), including its famous hoodoos, to the lowest parts of Zion National Park (right), continuing down through the Grand Canyon.
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Grand Staircase
Bryce Canyon & Zion National Parks

Since part of the focus of Trip 4 is on geology, Zion and Bryce Canyon are appropriate stops. They are part of the Grand Staircase, the most extensive record of geologic history on earth. The various layers of sedimentary rock at Bryce and Zion show a continuity that continues into the Grand Canyon. For instance, the lowest layer of rock in Zion, the Kaibab Formation, makes up the topmost layer of the Grand Canyon. This is a great way to experience the continuity of sedimentary layers over many miles (80 miles from Zion to the Grand Canyon).

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  4. Four Corners
    1. Denver Museum of Nature and Science
    2. Comanche National Grassland/
      Dinosaur Track Site
    3. Florissant Fossil Beds
    4. Dinosaur National Monument
    5. House Range
    6. Grand Staircase
    7. Grand Canyon
    8. Petrified Forest
    9. Shiprock
    10. Mesa Verde
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