Experiencing Life
Amusement parks, both wet and dry, provide great opportunities for experiencing some aspects of physics.
Left photo by Corey Coyle, right photo by Ellsass

Amusement Park Physics

The Wisconsin Dells area of Wisconsin has a number of waterparks where properties of physics can be experienced. Cedar Point is a regular amusement park in Ohio where the same thing can happen under dry conditions.

Devonian Gorge | Shedd Aquarium Field Museum | Huron NF

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  1. Greater Yellowstone
  2. Southeast
  3. Northeast
  4. Four Corners
  5. Northwest
  6. Heartland
  7. California
  8. Great Lakes
    1. Devonian Gorge
    2. Wisconsin Dells
    3. Field Museum
    4. Shedd Aquarium/Lake Michigan
    5. Cedar Point Amusement Park/Lake Erie
    6. Huron National Forest/Lake Huron
    7. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore/Lake Superior
    8. Voyageurs National Park
  9. Southwest
  10. Mid-Atlantic
  11. Alaska
  12. Hawaii
Wisconsin Dells [43.6oN, 89.8oW]

Wisconsin Dells Map
Cedar Point [41.5oN, 82.7oW]

Cedar Point Map


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