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Shamel Ashes (Fraxinus uhdei) at the Makawao Forest Reserve.
Photo by Forest & Kim Starr

Hawaii Division of Forestry and Wildlife

Hawaii does not have any areas designated as National Forests but its not like forests are absent from the islands. In Hawaii, the public forests are administered by a state agency. The Division of Forestry and Wildlife (DFW) is part of Hawaii's Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), as is the Division of State Parks. According to their web site, the mission of the DFW is the following: "The mission of DLNR’s Division of Forestry and Wildlife is to responsibly manage and protect watersheds, native ecosystems, and cultural resources and provide outdoor recreation and sustainable forest products opportunities, while facilitating partnerships, community involvement and education."

The previous organizations in Trip 12 have been national in scope. The DFW is part of a state agency, so is only concerned with Hawaii. The DFW runs 57 Forest Reserves and 11 Natural Area Reserves in Hawaii. Because of the role this state agency plays in Hawaii, there is less need for the U.S. Forest Service to get involved in preserving forests in Hawaii, and so they haven't. It's not that Hawaii doesn't have forests worth protecting, it's that they are protected by a state agency instead of a federal one.


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