Oxen was often the means of transportation along the Oregon Trail. OREGON TRAIL
Missouri and Kansas


For most people, the jumping-off point for the trail was near the Missouri/Kansas border. Eventually, the sites with links will have their own pages. For now, only Alcove Springs has a page. The other sites can be found, with pictures, on the map below.  

Image: In the Spring, or just after a rain, you can catch water flowing over the falls.

Oregon Trail
  1. Missouri/Kansas
    1. National Frontier Trails Museum
    2. Upper Independence Landing
    3. Independence Courthouse
    4. Santa Fe Trail City Park
    5. Rice-Tremonti Home
    6. Eighty-Fifth & Manchester Ruts
    7. Schumacher Park
    8. Hart Grove/Marion Park
    9. Minor Park/Blue River Crossing
    10. New Santa Fe
    11. Westport Landing
    12. Pioneer Park
    13. Shawnee Methodist Mission
    14. Prairie Village Ruts
    15. Moses Grintner House & Ferry
    16. Flat Rock Creek Crossing/Park
    17. Lone Elm Campground
    18. Parting Of The Trails
    19. Potawatomi Baptist Mission
    20. Kansas Museum Of History
    21. Union Town/Green Memorial Wildlife Park
    22. St. Mary's Mission and Oregon Trail Nature Park
    23. Indian Pay Station Museum
    24. Red Vermillion Crossing/Vieux Cemetery/Cholera Cemetery
    25. Scott Spring
    26. Lower Crossing On The Big Blue
    27. Alcove Spring
    28. Pony Express Barn
    29. Marshall's Ferry
    30. Hollenberg Station
    31. Pony Express Stable and National Museum
    32. Patee House Museum
    33. Saint Joseph Riverfront Landing
    34. Iowa, Sac And Fox Presbyterian Mission
  2. Nebraska
  3. Wyoming
  4. Idaho
  5. Oregon
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