Royal Sea Star 31-I
"Mouth Second" Organisms
Royal Sea Star (Astropecten articulatus)
[© Mark Walz]

Chapter Outline
  1. Description of Deuterostomia
  2. Classification of Deuterostomia
  3. Chaetognatha
  4. Echinodermata
  5. Hemichordata


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Back in chapter 27, we started exploring the classification Bilateria, and noted that it was split into four groups: Platyhelminthes, Gnathostomulida, Protostomia and Deuterostomia. The first two groups are phyla that were explored in chapter 27 itself. For the past three chapters, Protostomia has been explored. Now we will explore the fourth group of Bilateria, Deuterostomia.

Deuterostomia is split into four phyla, three of which wil be explored in this chapter. The fourth phylum is Chordata, which will be explored in the following chapters.

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